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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Recon trip to Deer Creek and Jordanelle

Yesterday Jason, my son Alex and I headed over to check out condition at Deer Creek.  We took our poles and gear along to do a bit of shore fishing too.  We first went to the Charleston lake access point and noted the water levels were "full".  I'm no DC expert so I'm not sure what is high, but the water is at least to the high water line at the Charleston area.

We didn't spend much tome there as the shore fishing opportunities are sad at the Charleston area.  Wind and temps were fine.  We moved next to the island area.  We parked along the highway where the island is closest to the road.  The water level has water up over the shallows making the island an island.  We waked over to the east a bit and fished there along the shore for an hour or two.  I caught a shunk, Alex caught a dozen or so world class snags, and Jason managed a nice 11.5" small mouth bass. 

Part of the trip was to scope out where we might launch our tubes.  So on the way out we inspected the facilities at the state park a few yards down the highway.  The place we parked at the island looked best.  The island was our planned wind defence as the forecast shows lots of wind potential this week. 

No pics, however here is the link to Jason's report on this trip including pics of his bass. http://inforcer.poweredbyclear.com/pages/DeerCreek/may312011.html

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