"The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope." John Buchan

Archived Reports

Provo Harbor, Utah Lake, May 25th, 2009

Just some pictures from one of my first trips on my pontoon.



Knolls, Utah Lake, July 20th, 2009

So after seeing some other favorable posts about the knolls I took my pontoon down 
there today for a mid-day run of things. Started at about noon and initially things
were a bit slow but picked up as the afternoon went along. I was dragging a line
with a shrimp on it as well as casting a few jigs around the clumps of vegetation out
in the water. At the start of it the shrimp was not doing so well but I was able to land
a few cats and a white bass or two with the jigs. Then the menu must have changed
as the jigs fell off and as the wind was picking up the shrimp under a bubble about
3' down took off and kept going like that till I got off the water at about 4pm. Temps
were a bit warm but the legs in the water and the light breeze sure made for a nice
mid-day outing and a wonderful day not at work!

Took some picks of a few of them before setting them back. The cats ranged in size
from 12 to about 16 inches. One cat was ever so kind to clear it's bowels out on my
hand and leg as I tried to snap it's photo....


Knolls, Utah Lake, Sept 11th, 2009

So I opted to head down to the Knolls today to try for some cats there. I got there
at about 6:30am and was on the water just before the sunrise. There was a bit of
wind blowing southwest that kept the surface a bit agitated. I started working my
way south toward the rocky point. Things started off really slow, even though I 
could see the white bass breaking the surface in little boils every so often. None
of them wanted anything I threw at them. The cat line was also quiet the whole way
to the point. Then I had my first hit and first lost fish... I also caught my only white
for the day... A huge 2.5" fish that must have had to work hard to get the lure in his
mount.... I changed out and ran both poles for cats and over the next hour or so I
was able to land a really nice and plump 26" cat that demonstrated that my net is to
small... Next up was a nice 22" cat. One more at 12" that got sent back to grow up
some first. I had a number of other missed hookups but then the wind picked up a
fair amount and I took the toon into the shallows there and waited for it to die
down. I was not looking forward to the paddle back against the wind. After a while
the wind did die down and so did the fishing so I started heading back. I was off the
water by about noon. All in all a fine day even if the wind and the fish were not in
top form.

No pics today... 


Knolls, Utah Lake, March 24th, 2010

Well the day was nice for the trip. Started off just at daybreak at the Knolls with air
temps near 30 and water temps near 43. I did a loop south along the shore line to
the rocky point and spent most of my time there at the point. Along the way I let a
minnow drift behind me on the bait pole while I cast a curly tail on the other line
( I sure like the second pole permit thingy ).

The minnow line was never quiet, though it never produced. Something was having
fun taunting me by pulling the line free from the clip and running short bursts with it
here and there but never committing to the deal... White bass flesh was also on the 
menu for these teasers but they were not interested in worms. I kept reducing the 
size of the chunk of bait hoping that now they will take it in the mouth and I'll be
able to set the hook... So non stop tormenting and nothing produced on the bait
pole. Sad thing is thats about the most action I had...

The jig effort on the other pole produced only a couple light strikes near the rocky
point area at about 5' deep. The finder was seeing lots of fish near the rocky point.
I would guess the finder chirped about every minute or two for the 3-4 hours I spent
near the point. Overall I was out on the water about 5.5 hours and while I was a bit
stinky for the day it was still a really nice day out. The light wind I had at the start
settled down to a glassy surface to finish the day on. I took a few picks:

While near the point I had the only other person on the water arrive. It was a fellow
in his boat that worked the area a ways off from me. I didn't see him bring anything
in but I was not watching close enough to really know. He seemed to be "trolling"
more then active casting.

Knolls, Utah Lake, April 24th, 2010 




Provo Harbor, Utah Lake, August 26th, 2010





Rabbit Gulch, Starvation, June 29th, 2010