"The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope." John Buchan

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Breezy island trip at Deer Creek

Today Jason and I enter back to the island at Deer Creek to go out on the tubes.  We took a leasurely pace at getting underway today so we did not get there until about 11am.  Wind was a warm slight breeze coming up from Provo canyon, water was near 58 degrees.

We headed out to round the east side of the island.  We started marking fish right away.  They were rarely right under us and did not stay put.  Most were mid strata in the water column.  I was guessing trout, but I really don't know. As we worked around the island we continued to mark fish between 8 an 30 feet deep. Water depth was between 14 and 45 feet. The odd thing was that so few fish were under us as solid fish on the finder. Nearly all were hollow symbols on the finder. We moved through some large groups too.

We threw plastics, jigged tubes, drifted minnows and worms on the bottom and under a bobber.  Nothing, except a couple quick bites/nibbles.  As we would mark the fish like the picture above showed we would start to fan cast around us with various color presentations of plastics as well as trying different speeds/depths looking for the magic choice.  Not sure if the fish were just in a mood today or if we just didn't try the right thing.  It was still lots of fun to see so many fish on the finder. 

The wind came up and died down a few times on us.  We got lucky with the wind.  It ended up being at our backs as we worked the side of the island.  Better at our backs vs from the side or front messing up the casts or making us work hard to maintain direction and position.  A few times we had a big gust shoot past us making a nice ripple effect on the water surface that you could see move past you and across the water.  A few times the wind was enough that we talked about just letting it push us back to the launch spot and call it a day.  Usually one of two things would happen then.  Either one of us would mark a huge group of fish, one of us would get a bite on a pole that we weren't watching close enough, or the wind would die down.  Regardless we could catch a case of "hopeful expectations" and stick it out a bit longer.  In the end it was a beautiful day and the weather, other then the wind gusts, was very nice.  The fishing was fine and the catching was lousy...  Still a great thing to be doing on a day like today.

Here are a few picks of the scenery, since we had no pics of fish.... ;)

Since I got no pics of the launch I figured I'd better get a pick at the end of the day.  Anyway here are a couple pics of the tubes just before cleanup...

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