"The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope." John Buchan

Friday, June 3, 2011

Picture perfect Deer Creek day.

Jason and I headed back again to Deer Creek today.  We had the chance to head down to Utah Lake to join up with TubeDude and company but due to time constraints Deer Creek was the choice.  We arrived at the island just after 7:00am and started to setup.  Right off we noticed a good number of fish breaking the surface of the lake.  The water was also very calm and mirror like with little to no breeze present.  Temps were cooler then the other day, but we were also starting earlier too.  Anyway it was a good looking start to the day.

Once we got onto the water we headed back again toward the east side of the island to work similar areas to the trip we made on Wednesday.  Water temps were about 52 degrees to start.  I opted to pull a black bead head fly behind a full bubble and also threw some some plastics as well as we moved out of the shallow between the highway and the island.  Nothing thus far and only a few bleeps from the finders to say anything was in the area.  Though we continued to see the fish break the surface here and there in the distance.

As we made it around to the area we had marked the large groups of fish on Wednesday we again started to mark lots of fish.  I started to move through throwing silver blue foxes, some perch and white colored cranks, plastics of all sorts of colors, as well as continuing the bead head fly behind the bubble though in white now.  We did this for a while without any inquiries on our lines.  Eventually I had one hit on some smaller chartreuse curl tail grubs and then a lot of nothing again.  Still marking large numbers of fish, though as like on Wednesday, these fish seemed to be moving through the area and not really holding place.  We had a few boats trolling past us, politely keeping a fair distance, and saw them land a few fish.  I noticed pop gear in use on some of the fish caught.

I ended up moving the 2nd line to a bobber with a worm about 6' under it and just about then the wife called both Jason and I on our cell phones to discuss plans for later today.  Mid conversation my bobber went dunk, dunk, dunk.....  I quickly, with minimal time spent saying goodbye and explaining why, I hung up on the wife to turn my attention to this worm thief.  Turns out that my quick goodbyes were not quick enough as the bobber had no further attention paid to my worm.  I retrieved the line and inspected the worm.  It had been abused to the point of requiring a replacement.  Out went the bobber line again, and I picked up the plastics pole and started throw it along the rocky shoreline.  Once again the bobber went dunk, dunk....  Though when I went to prepare to set a hook on the next dunk nothing further happened...  Second missed opportunity...  Though it did give us the first offering that we had been able to observe repeat interest.  Jason put out his second line in a similar setup and we both turned our tubes to point back to the vehicle.  It was after 11:00am at this point, and though it was a beautiful day and the fishing was fine, the catching was lousy and we had obligations back with the families.  So we started the slow kick back, fishing along the way of course.

Along the way back Jason had a few sharp hits on some soft plastics that nearly convinced us to keep going a bit longer.  Though with no consistency or caught fish we took the last turn into the shallow channel and headed for shore.

So nothing, at least for me, to show for the week in terms of fish.  Jason kept some skunk smell off with his one small mouth bass.  However it was a fun week up in the area and a fun few trips to the water.  Plans are already in the works for next year, though we hope the spring weather presents us with better fishing conditions.

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