"The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope." John Buchan

Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 30th @ Utah Lake

Well Jason got us going last week on planning a trip for Saturday.  Utah Lake, more specifically Provo Harbor, became the target of our ambitions and plans were made accordingly.  So aside from an alarm slept through we got ourselves down to the harbor and on the water by about 7:30am.

We saw a few boats out working just off the SW point of the harbor where the river water and lake water mix up.  We also had one bank tangler ask us about a fish cleaning station to clean a good catch of whites.  So we had high hopes and headed out near the boats.  Not sure if the bite had already run it's course or not but as we got out there none of us had had anything to note yet on our lines and watching the boats as well as current bank tanglers we didn't see much action being had by anyone else.  After some time out with the boats and nearly nothing in the basket, I had managed one white bass in my basket, the three of us decided we should head SE a bit toward the weed line and look for whites, crappies and anything else willing to play.

Heading to the weed line didn't produce much better right away.  We did have a "first for us" round of moments where as we brought in our lure and just lift it from the water a crappie would have been following and would make a last ditch effort to get our lures and miss.  This surface "lung" was somewhat funny and frustration as our baskets were still mostly empty and like always the casts we thought to let the lure linger at the surface there was nothing chasing it and the times we didn't there was.....  After a bit of time we started to get our techniques back in tune for crappie fishing and slowed things down and "gently" applied preasure are we reeled in a few for the basket.

Jason and I were both running our second lines under a bobber as we moved around the weed clumps.  Mine went under and the line started tracking hard to the side of my tube.  I manged, after a longer then expected fight, to bring in a channel cat on my ultra light rig.  Put a smile on my face... :)

Whites never really came out to play for us.  We each did manage at least one to take home and a few small enough to get send back to get bigger...

Didn't do much in the way of summary pics at the end of the trip.  I did get this "from afar" pic of Alex holding up one of his fish he brought in for his basket.

So not the fastest of action, but the weather and wind were very pleasent to be out in.  Fun to share another trip with my son in his tube and to have him report back that he had a blast and can't wait till the next one.  Oh I guess Jason makes for some good company too if you don't set your expectations too high... (or put a fish in your mouth or have a drink explode on you for no action of your own)... ;)

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