"The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope." John Buchan

Friday, July 6, 2012

July 5th @ Starvation (Alex's first Perch Jerking session)

So as an initial disclaimer, I failed to take any pictures again on this trip.  I had full intentions but both with the concerns of weather (wind and rain) and also working with Alex on his first trip to Starvation I never even got the camera out to take a pic.

Well we had planned to meet at my place at 4am so that we could be on our way and to Starvation by sun up.  However the night before we saw enough from the weather forecasts that we knew we needed to make a last minute judgement call in the morning as to where or even if we would end up going.  We ended up risking it and heading to Starvation knowing an afternoon shower was in the day's plans as well as a 9am wind spike.  Well everything happened as the forecasts said it would however it still left enough window in there to have a great day fishing.

Jason was first on the water and first to catch and basket a fish (Perch).  Perch were out in the shallower areas today (10-18' is about the depth range we found them in).  Jason, Scott, Alex and I all caught plenty of perch though most were sub 8" in size.  All of us still managed to put some in our baskets.  Alex was able to catch his first small mouth bass that was just under a foot.  Scott managed a bigger small mouth and a junior walleye in his basket.  Jason had a pair of jumbo perch in his basket as well.  They looked to me to be in the 12"+ range and very healthy looking.  I did catch a small small mouth bass that got sent back and had one short fight with what I would guess to be a good sized trout so my basket just had the basic perch offering at the end of the day.

Wind was pretty constant with only a few breaks.  Alex did pretty well, when he tried, to maintain his position even with the wind working on us.  We got a bit wet as the light showers started up and stopped a couple times before we got off the water between noon and 1pm.  Good timing as the rain faucet turned on full tilt and didn't stop for most of the ride home.

Funny that at the end of a day that you worked constantly to hold position against the wind along with a bit of rain to get everything wet and still smile that it was such a nice day to be out fishing and have no regret for making the trip in such questionable conditions.  Though I'm not delusional enough to expect them all to turn out so well. :)

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