"The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope." John Buchan

Sunday, June 12, 2016

June 7th @ Strawberry

On this year's week at Park City, Alex and I headed up to Strawberry on our only day on the tubes.  Forecasts lead us to expect some slight wind, but for most of the time we were on the water it was quite glassy.  We launched over on the "free" area of the east portal.  Fish were breaking the surface all around us with some regularity.  Water temps were in the mid 50's.  So we both started pulling one line under a bobber with some type of jig under that.  Then casting and retrieving the other line, trying to stay near the surface.  After trying just about everything for the first hour and neither of us having had a bite I changed up a bit and put one line just off the bottom with a white jig and a bit of worm on it.  The other line I was letting run deeper as I retrieved.  We started to get some bites now.

So to give an overly short summary it was never "game on" really.  We had to work for each fish we caught.  Bottom jigging proved to be the best for us and often as my finder would chirp on a fish I could work the line I had down there and get a strike.  Most fish we picked up off the bottom were in the 25'-35' fow range.  Totals for the day were 8 fish.  2 for Alex and 6 for me.  All were Cuts in the 17"-20" range except a single Rainbow (forgot to take a pic of him as I rushed it to the basket) that I brought home for dinner.  One Cut was quite the "snake" and sure could use a few extra meals.  Here are some pics from the day:

Was a good day out even if it was a bit slow.  Still not sure I'm fishing Strawberry right from the tube, but were trying.  Wind came up a bit more near noon so we called it a day and headed in.  Was nice to be out with Alex. :)

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