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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Maribou 4-8-2014

(yes this is over a month overdue...)

So since starting to cast my own jigs (even before then) I've been a bit interested in Maribou jigs for their movement characteristics while in water, specifically for a vertical jig presentation.  TubeDude (Pat) has shown me (and sold some to me for my Dad) some of his offerings that use Maribou along with Flashibou accents.  They have just stuck in my mind as something really nice (though that qualifies for most of what TubeDude has shown me... ;))

Anyway I kind of got moving on this at Christmas time where I put a Fly Tying kit that was on sale from Cablelas on a wish list and then later found it under the tree.  This got me the base tools but I did not yet step down the path of materials as I had some questions.  To start with I got a good case of pre-buyers remorse worrying that Maribou was maybe not the material to pick but a synthetic might be better.  I got hung up on wondering about costs, durability of color, durability of material, ease of use, etc...  Anyway I sent a few notes off to TubeDude and Barlows asking opinions and got some solid responses back, including an open invite to head over to Pat's for a sit down session.  I never did get a chance to take him up on that during the winter break though...  It was clear though that Maribou was still the right pick for the application I was after.

Then heading toward April I again got into the mode to pursue this more and got materials on my birthday wishlist: thread and maribou in a variety of colors, pearl, silver and gold flashibou for accent, and some hard as nails clear polish to coat the thread wrap.  I also again tried to get my schedule such that I could take Pat up on the offer of his time he had made...  I struck out on that again due to family and work schedules....  YouTube ended up being my backup plan as I could fit in some time watching videos on the train rides to and from work.  So with all that said, and realizing I had no in person training I got started and have tied up a few dozen jigs now.  Seems to be easy enough to tie.  I'm not sure how durable my work is yet, but I've liked how things have gone.  Here are a few pictures form the initial batch.

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